The Banking Method vs Liberatory Education (Bilingual Infographic)

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This is where it all started.

Fifteen years ago I was introduced to a book called Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire and it set the course of my life and career.

But even though I’ve known of these principles for over a decade, I don’t always put them into practice in the ways I’d like.

That’s because knowledge does not automatically convert into action; it takes an ongoing and intentional process.

This is true whether you have a lot of experience or you are just getting started.

I created this bilingual infographic to remind me what Liberatory Education is and to help me put it into practice more consistently.

Perhaps it will do the same for you, wherever you are on your learning journey.

As you review, ask yourself:

• What is one principle of liberatory education that I put into practice most consistently?

• What is one principle of liberatory education that I struggle with?

• What is one way I can put this principle into practice this week?


Click to download the bilingual PDF.

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