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Training design for social change leaders

We help you turn your unique approach to social change into a curriculum so you can effectively train others.

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The Transformative Trainer

A cohort program to help you launch your training for social change in 8 weeks.

The Transformative Training Team

You supply the ideas and facilitate. Leave the rest to us.

About Us

We believe training is not something you do to other people, but with other people.

Not only does this approach align with values of equity and justice, it’s also just plain effective.

But it can be hard to implement when you are feeling overwhelmed.

As a social change leader, you have a lot you want to accomplish:

  • Help team members reach their full potential.

  • Build a base of leaders who can drive your mission forward.

  • Keep your organization and work sustainable.

Building a new world is a lot of work!

The good news is you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll guide you step-by-step through the training development process to help you turn learning into action.

So you can leverage your team’s strengths and multiply results for a better world.


What our partners have to say

Riahl O'Malley


Indira Garmendia


Who we are

We’re Riahl O’Malley and Indira Garmendia, co-founders of Learning to Transform.

We met in Nicaragua over a decade ago and found a common passion using education for social change.

We’ve trained thousands of people across the Americas and now we want to help you accomplish more with your trainings.

Our Values

Scale for Impact

Social change leaders have a responsibility to grow their impact exponentially by forming leaders who form leaders.

Smarter Together

Training is never a one-way street. We are better off when we all bring our skills, knowledge, and passion to the table.

Learn through Action

Creating new behaviors creates new ways of thinking, we need to do both to build a better world.

Be the Change

Actively create the world you want to live in here and now. Solutions are everywhere, highlight and celebrate them!

Meet Our


We partner with organizations who are using training and education to inspire action for change.

Ready to use education and training to expand your impact for social change?

Riahl O’Malley and Indira Garmendia, co-founders

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