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Educators, facilitators and trainers play a critical role in movements for social change.

We help educators like you develop powerful relationships with grassroots partners so you can deepen your impact and make movements grow.

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As an educator, trainer, or facilitator you play a critical role in movements for social change.

You have skills, knowledge and conviction that expand what’s possible in our work for a better world.

But too often your talents aren’t given a chance to thrive.

You might be:

  • Stretched across too many roles and projects;
  • Invited to the table only after the plan is made; or
  • Not given the time or resources you need to succeed.

As a result, movements are kept from the ideas and skills they need to grow.

We help you become an educator for the people.

So you can do what you do best:

Form leaders who form leaders.
Get your talents used!


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Riahl O'Malley


Indira Garmendia


Who we are

We’re Riahl O’Malley and Indira Garmendia, co-founders of Learning to Transform.

We met in Nicaragua over a decade ago and found a common passion using education for social change.

We’ve trained thousands of people across the Americas and now we want to help you accomplish more with your trainings.

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We partner with organizations who are using training and education to inspire action for change.

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Riahl O’Malley and Indira Garmendia, co-founders

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