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4 Phases of a Successful Training Program

When it comes to training, facilitation gets a lot of attention. But most trainers know that facilitation is really just the tip of the


How To Get More Training Opportunities

This surprises some people who know me from the trainings I lead, but I think of myself as an introvert. After a retreat is


For Trainers Who Feel Overwhelmed

How did it come to this? Somehow I was playing a leadership role in 12 different projects. This included committees, coalitions, and our own


How to Conduct Your Own Learning Diagnostic

Imagine walking into a Doctor’s office and the Doctor immediately says, “Here’s your medicine, take it tomorrow and you’ll be cured.” “Huh…” you’d think,


Framework for Trainer Effectiveness

As a trainer, educator or facilitator you play a critical role in movements for social change. You have skills, knowledge and conviction that expand

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Riahl O’Malley and Indira Garmendia, co-founders

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