When Participants Pushback Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

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If you are getting a lot of pushback from learners, ask yourself these three questions.

1) If it isn’t resistance, what is it?

It might not be pushback.

They might just be sharing experience, asking a question or trying to reconcile new information with their current understanding.

2) What does this tell me about the learners’ experience?

Maybe there is a challenge to implementing learning that you hadn’t considered.

Chances are their pushback reveals something you should incorporate next time.

3) What is it about if it isn’t about me?

It’s easy to take pushback personally and think it’s because you aren’t woke enough, or you’re too old or too young or an outsider.

(…all things I have worried about at one time or another.)

But teaching isn’t about you, it’s about the learner!

Take time to reflect on what you can learn from and become even more effective.

Did you find this helpful or not so much?

Let us know in the comments.

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