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Education is How You Multiply Your Impact

Education is the most important task to achieving real structural change. Too often, leadership development and training include only members of the base and


Organizers Trained by AI?

So by now you may have heard the buzz about ChatGPT and how corporations are using this and other forms of Artificial Intelligence to


Why Some Activities Flop [Free Workbook!]

Last week we held our third session of our online cohort program, The Transformative Trainer, where we help participants launch their own training for

Photo Teaching

How to Teach Your Knowledge to Others

At some point as a social change leader, you probably realized you needed some help. Maybe you started hiring a team of staff or


Increase Your Impact by Training Trainers

If you are looking to increase your impact, you may have considered putting on a “Train the Trainers.” It’s a great approach because it


Leaders Need to Understand This One Fact

This is a fact that I’ve heard a lot of opposition to since starting Learning to Transform, but it is something that I absolutely


There’s Enough for All of Us

This is an uncomfortable side of change work that you are bound to come across at some point. We start seeing each other as


3 Reasons Why You Need Follow-Up Systems

Training is an essential part of any organization’s foundation – but it isn’t the only part that matters.  No matter how engaging, life-changing, and

Ready to use education and training to expand your impact for social change?

Riahl O’Malley and Indira Garmendia, co-founders

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