Education is How You Multiply Your Impact

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Education is the most important task to achieving real structural change.

Too often, leadership development and training include only members of the base and not team members.

As if those who are new to social change work are the only ones who could increase their knowledge and skills.

Meanwhile, all of us have results we would like to achieve that we haven’t yet been able to achieve–in our organizations, our communities, and our movements.

To achieve the sort of structural change we need to improve living conditions for all, it is not enough to only provide learning opportunities to “members” and “volunteers”– we must equip more people to run and lead those programs.

The time is done for educators to be the guest speaker at some once-a-year event.

Educators have an ethical responsibility to go to where they have the most impact.

This is where our slogan comes from, “form leaders who form leaders.”

Because trainers and educators who believe in social change have the ethical responsibility to be multipliers.

Only by training people to train more people do you have a real chance to multiply your impact at the scale this world needs.

Already convinced and want more tools to make it happen for the cause you care most about? 

Check out our cohort program The Transformative Trainer and apply if it’s right for you!

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