Sources and Resources: Training for Action Template

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We are going to go into some sources and resources from the training for action template.

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In order to set a training, it’s important to be clear about your goals as a team.

For some teams, this will already be evident from existing materials, whether it’s your strategic plan, job description, campaign or work plan.

Others might need to spend some time as a team considering what their goals for their programs are.

This is what we mean by SMARTIE goals:

Specific – The goal clearly explains what is to be accomplished with the campaign or initiative.

Measurable – Standards by which you can determine whether the goal has been achieved.

Activating – There are ways for your base to get involved and build their leadership.

Realistic – It should be achievable with successful application of our time and resources.

Time-bound – There is a clear deadline or timeline for the goal.

Inclusive – Brings traditionally marginalized people—particularly those most impacted—into processes, activities, and decision/policy-making in a way that shares power (from The Management Center).

Equitable – Seeks to address systemic injustice, inequity, or oppression (from The Management Center).

For more on setting SMARTIE goals, see this very helpful list of resources from The Management Center.

The “A” stands for activating–this idea comes from another great resource called The Action Strategy Guide from Ruckus Society.

Who Are They & Why Aren’t They Doing It?

Getting specific about who we want to lead this effort is inspired by The 8 Steps of Dialogue Education from Global Learning Partners.

For more resources on learning program and conducting a needs assessment, check out their shareable resources here.

The idea of investigating why they aren’t doing comes from Action Mapping from Cathy Moore.

Check out the blog here.

Time and Location for Your Training

As you consider time and location, consider the advantages of spacing out your training plan.

For more on the spaced learning strategy, see our blog post here.

Designing Activities That Stay

The Show, Ask, Engage framework is described in more detail on our blog here.

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