How to Support Learners to Apply What They Learned

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In social change training and facilitation, it’s not enough for learners to simply make it through the program.

As trainers, it is our job to ensure that participants are able to apply what they have learned in their life and work; this is how learning becomes transformative.

Here are a few tips on how you, as a social change trainer, can support your learners to apply what they have learned.

  1. Add to Team Agendas

Incorporate topics from the training into regularly scheduled team meetings or strategy sessions. Ask your participants to bring new insights or perspectives gained from the program and use them to discuss how they can be applied in the team’s context. This can not only help to refresh their memory of the material, but also give the other members of the team a chance to learn more about what was discussed in training.

  1. Add to Supervision Check-ins

Set aside regular time for participants to reflect on how they have been able to use the content from the program in their daily practice with partners and members. Make sure to give them the opportunity to discuss their successes, challenges, and how they plan on addressing potential issues or roadblocks in the future.

  1. Incorporate into Regular Reports

Encourage your participants to keep track of their progress by writing regular reports about how they have been able to make use of the content from the training program in their work. This will not only provide them with a written record of their progress but also help you assess how well the material is being applied and if any additional support might be needed.

These are just a few ways social change trainers can support learners to apply what they have learned. 

And remember: when it comes to learning, it’s progress, not perfection! That goes for both you and the learners.

Encourage your team to explore and experiment with different approaches so that they can hone their skills and become even more effective in their work. With the right support and guidance, they will be unstoppable!

Good luck and keep up the great work!

P.S. If you want to develop a training on your unique approach to social change, check out our cohort program, The Transformative Trainer: Launch your training for social change in 8 weeks!

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