Framework for Trainer Effectiveness

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As a trainer, educator or facilitator you play a critical role in movements for social change.

You have skills, knowledge and conviction that expand what’s possible in our work for a better world.

But too often your gifts aren’t given a chance to thrive.

You might be:

• Stretched across too many roles and projects.

• Invited to the table only after the plan is made.

• Not given the time or resources you need to succeed.

As a result, movements are kept from the ideas and skills they need to grow.

We created this framework to help social change trainers like you build more powerful relationships with your grassroots partners.

So you can transform learning into action and form leaders who form leaders.


Know Your Value

What is the unique gift that I bring as a trainer?

What is needed from those I want to work with?

How do I become more proactive in building relationships?


Expand Your Potential

What goals and vision are we striving to achieve?

How does our work lead to action beyond the training?

How will we know if we’ve been successful?


Build Your Future

How does this work help me achieve balance in my life and work?

How do I prepare them to solve the next challenge on their own?

How does this this work create more opportunity?

Putting it into practice

To find out more about how we work together, contact us!

In the meantime, what do you think about this framework?

Is it helpful?

Let us know in the comments

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