Training in Today’s Economy – Why Now

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A lot of social change leaders I’ve spoken to are concerned about how an economic downturn will impact their ability to pursue their mission.

And according to one report, the concern is widely shared.

In a survey of 197 organizational leaders, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits found that recruiting and retaining staff in today’s economy is a top concern among mission-driven organizations.

Here’s why I think training provides an essential solution.

Instead of trying to “compete” over a small pool of experienced social change professionals, training opens new opportunities by equipping even more leaders to build a movement for change.

This involves cultivating leaders from within–people who are passionate about your mission, but need to practice new skills in order to achieve concrete wins for the community.

Training equips passionate and dedicated people with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need to achieve your social change goals.

How? Well, that’s what we explore in our newsletter and blog. But we’d love to hear from you!
Do you use training and education to build leaders for your cause? Have a solution you’d like to share with our community? Fill out this interest form and let us know.

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